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PC Zone magazine was the first of its kind in the UK championing the cause of the PC gamer by dedicating an entire magazine centred solely on PC games from 1993.

Our beloved PC Zone magazine bowed out of the gaming magazine due to reduction in readership that was as a result of the popularity of the internet.

Since its demise in 2010, we have sorely missed the witty, smart and critical views and reviews of its diligent crew who had us checking the stands and mailboxes for our monthly fixes.

This is why we as core fans of PC Zone magazine have put it upon ourselves to resurrect the spirit of the defunct PC Zone magazine for other broken hearted fans.

PC Zone UK promises to bring you the best interviews with your favourite developers, unbiased reviews of both trending and not so popular games, previews of new games from the usual suspects and from independent developers, witty features on different parts of gaming interests and comprehensive news on everything in relation to PC gaming and other gaming platforms such as PS4, Xbox.

We will also provide you with a guide that will help you in making a more informed purchase on any of your devices and make recommendations based on our testing.

If you are still not clear on what our vision is, you should check out ourĀ about us page to get a deeper understanding of our vision.

We will love to hear your views and opinions on our different feature. Our team is available 24 hours a day to answer your questions.

You can email our Chief Editor atĀ

You can also connect with us on any of our social media pages; Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Kindly note that we are in no way affiliated to PC Zone magazine or Future Publishing.

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