Gamification is a helpful little way of thinking that can be used to alter the way you approach many different tasks. If you often feel like your mind wanders when it should be focused on a task at hand, you might be able to benefit from gamification! Let’s take a closer look at how it can help you out.

What is Gamification?

Gamification is, to put it simply, the act of turning something into a game. Humans are curious and inquisitive, and we love games and challenges. One of the simplest yet most effective ways to actively engage us is through the use of games.

If you try to place a puzzle in front of someone, or challenge them in some way, there is a good chance that they will try to fulfil it in some way. We always respond well to games, and there are so many different uses of gamification to help motivate us to perform certain tasks.

Where Do We See It in Action?

You don’t have to hit the poker table to offer to be able to see gamification in action. Our favourite brands are constantly making use of gamification to engage us.

Have you ever filled out a quiz to learn your preferences for a product? Ever tried out a treasure hunt for a company in the hopes of picking up a prize? These are some of the most obvious places to see gamification in action. However, you can often find it in the workplace and other areas too. Completing a checklist is a brilliant example of gamification as it lays out clear goals for us to follow, and gives us a sense of accomplishment when everything is completed.

How Can You Make Use of It in Your Everyday?

If you feel like you could use a little focus and motivation in your everyday life then you should definitely consider making use of gamification. One of the best ways to do so will be to make yourself a checklist. It could be a checklist for your entire day, or even just for a few tasks such as cleaning your home.  By turning chores and tasks into games as you go, you will be using gamification to make things that you might have once not enjoyed into something better.

You might even want to consider bullet journaling or some other form of organisation that you find fun and engaging. Gamification is useful as it can be used to shape your needs, whatever they might be, and it means that you are able to create routines that you know you will respond to.

Online Trading To Boost Your Everyday Investment

The very idea of making everything a rewardable challenge is the key to gamification and what better way to test your skills than to open an online trading platform. You can play for free on most sites and the joy of seeing your skill level and investment prowess rise can be part of the gamification lifestyle. Putting effort into stocks, bonds and even gold and silver bullion coin for instance will improve your brain and increase your ability to work towards those ever-achievable goals.

Give gamification a go! It could be just what you need to successfully motivate yourself, and could result in some fantastic outcomes. Whether you are constructing elaborate rules for yourself or simply making a checklist, there is no wrong way to introduce gamification to your life. Give it a try and see what you can achieve now!