The very first free games have been offered online starting in the early 1990s. Online poker has definitely come a long way.

From 1998 when online poker launched for the first time with real money games, there have been several technological advances that change how people play and cherish the fun card game.

There are many mobile and online options available these days, whether you are interested in playing Stud, Draw, Texas Hold Em, Omaha or some other poker type.
Remember, the best players in the world gain benefit by playing their favourite online poker game while earning a great sum of money.

To win a poker game, you must make the best decisions at the table. With online play, one choice is just as important as any move you make when playing the game.
You don’t want to go wrong on which game to play, because it would profoundly control your overall online experience.

There’s no scarcity of poker sites, so it’s not really hard to find a site to play. But, don’t just play poker on any old website. You have to play in one of the best sites to guarantee that you have a platform that suits your gaming needs.

Choosing the best and safest online poker site can be a bit tougher though, because of the sheer amount of choices available.
Any aspiring poker players should encourage themselves to figure out where to start. In this situation, you should make more rational choices about where your time and resources will be concentrated.

We are going to make it simpler for you in this section of our poker guide and we’ll give you the necessary details and advice you may need in picking a poker website.

#1 Choose a reputable and trustworthy website

In deciding which poker site to use, the most important consideration is to make sure you choose a decent-looking and trustworthy online platform. You should be at the top of your mind when you are picking which site to play poker on.
Most well-known sites can be trusted and are reputable to some extent, but there are a few that can’t demonstrate the levels of integrity and transparency that we’re comfortable with. You really want to avoid these, as there’s a good chance they’ll end up disappointing you in some way or another.
In a worst-case scenario, your funds might even be at risk, so it’s simply not a risk worth taking.

The great news is that you don’t have to do much to assess whether a poker site is deemed to be trustworthy and secure. But there are certain key points you have to verify, and most of them are pretty easy to prove.
This list outlines the requirements we consider when determining if a poker site complies with our expectations.
– Certified, With License and Regulated
– Third-Party Audit
– Software Fairness Tested
– Safe Payments
– Fair and Reliable Cashout
– Strong Reputation

#2 Look for the sweet welcome bonuses

Online poker bonus deals are essentially free money for new entrants, so you’ll only get to do what you wanted to do anyway, and that is to play poker.
The bigger rewards are great for you if you play regularly at higher stakes. But having a smaller bonus you can earn, would do more for casual players.

You may not have known this, but online poker may be a very lucrative endeavour not just for competing players but also to the businesses that sell various online poker games. This is why it is best to check out the numerous welcome rewards available on various websites.
The bottom line is simple, although the welcome bonus differs between site to site, such bonuses enable you to earn incentives, motivating your stay on a specific website.

#3 Find the features you like

It’s a good way to take a minute just to reflect on what’s relevant to you.
If you’re a person that has no interest in watching a dealer and other players on the screen, a platform specializing in live video poker would not be worthy of your attention.
And, if you are someone who doesn’t like graphical renderings like the ones in a video game, a platform that is animated may not work.

It is useful to try to sort out which features are relevant and not relevant to you on a poker site. The easiest way to do that is to spend time exploring the best online poker pages and reviewing each one. You will easily understand what gaming style features that would fit your poker skills.

#4 Payment methods

One of the greatest determining factors for a lot of online poker gamers is the accepted payment methods. Some may not wish their gambling records to appear on a periodic bank account summary, while others may choose to pay using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

The methods of payment offered by a particular site can allow you to decide whether this is a good choice. Rest assured that many online casinos generally allow all types of payment, and there’s definitely a site to help you even though your preference is an odd payment method.

#5 Customer Support

Many individuals feel that they would never have to use a poker room customer service, that is why they are usually ignored. This is a big misconception!
When you have a poker room problem, you may want to deal with people who are courteous and professional. Effective customer service will surely make a great difference.

And please remember to always gamble responsibly.