What is Zoom Poker?

When you don’t want a standard online tournament and cash game, Zoom Poker is the perfect option. The name suggests that this variety of poker would be totally different from your usual poker game.

Online Zoom Poker is a high-speed tournament and ring game, in which you switch tables with each hand you manage.

Rather than just participating in an individual table, you are going to play with a pool of players who are resequenced spontaneously at about the outset of each hand.

For this game, you don’t have to wait for all the other players to wrap up the hand until another new one commences.

Pressing the ‘Fast Fold’ button will instantly shift you to the next hand, making this poker game insanely fast. A hundred hands for every hour can be easily achieved.

Zoom poker is fun and appeals to a lot of recreational players, making this lucrative for anyone capable of adjusting to simple poker strategies.

Zoom Poker Strategies

#1 Fast-Fold Option

This fast-fold alternative plays an enormous role in this poker style and will make most regular players significantly tighter while waiting for strong hands. Besides, many players usually give up their blinds so easily as they are mesmerized by the fast fold button as they wait for a stronger hand.

This is indeed a clear indication that you should be even more aggressive well into the late position. Even as your opponents will playback on you, keep pressuring on them until they start to realign.

#2 Aggressive Stance

Overall, an aggressive approach would be a much more effective style in the long term that will work at different tables and spots.

Your rivals seem to be the primary influence on you, so you should realign to them through different styles.

#3 Play Tighter Ranges in Blinds

As it’s simple to fast fold weak hands, there will be less compulsion to play junk. Once a player in an early position tends to make a raise, you must, therefore, give them credit for a pair or AJ+ on many times.

Several other people will raise every time, but the workaround for most players is to switch towards the next hand when they hold junk.

Button raises may not always show actual strength. Although anyone who decided to wait for the small blind before acting, and afterward makes a raise, normally would get something of relevant.

#4 Make the Pot Big with Strong Hands

This seems very basic, but all poker players want the biggest pots to be made up of strong hands.

You will be stunned as to how often players screw up a simple approach through doing weird stuff including “trapping” limps of the opponents or applying slow plays.

Never do that, just start playing straightforward but also bring more money into the pot with your strong hands.

For instance, rather than raising a few 2.2x raise, we opened the button to 3.5x, then supported this action with a significant raise of a full pot position.

The justification in this pot is simple, the opponent may recover the strength, so then, make the pot big before all the scare cards come. If they already have holdings such as A9, Q9, TT, JJ, QQ, they probably wouldn’t be able to fold to a single raise on this board.

#5 Player No. 4

You may browse on the pool of your poker game, table, and, buy-in level combo in the Zoom Poker homepage or you may check the names of the players present in the pool.

Those players who are playing more than one game have a certain number beside them.

When you see someone playing four tables, you may presume that they are more skilled and competent than those players playing 1 or 2 tables only. Immediately take note of these experienced players, so you’d best avoid them.

#6 Late Position

In general, late position play is probably the most important part of playing Zoom poker. Players tend to try and take advantage of the blinds on offer with the mindset that they are going to be giving up easily due to the fast fold option of the game.

It, therefore, presents an interesting dynamic as players 3bet ranges can be much broader as they would realize your wide opening range in late position. With this, a tighter playing style is desirable, and playing your cards could be hugely profitable.

#7 Hand History

The ‘hand history’ indicator on many online poker sites makes it easy to take notes of how your opponents play. You should study it, even if you have to sit out of a table for a moment.

Some players play by following certain formulas, often raising, small raising, or even limping. Others would check out the raise each time and others gamble with a draw as well as a made hand.

If you can get information on these matches, you can repeatedly manipulate them.