Many areas of the world halted because of the coronavirus and several industries are hit much harder including live poker.

Almost every tournament in March and April was cancelled, as reported on many poker news websites.

Live cash is not any better, because casinos around the world are forced to shut for the meantime.

Despite this, what can poker players do to improve and sharpen their games?

Players will probably play online. This is a guaranteed thing and it is a great choice for people around the world in places where poker is regulated.

This is precisely what people will do! Players flock to the Internet in massive numbers and raise price money well beyond their guarantees.

But this isn’t the choice for some poker players as they are afraid to get scammed online.

So we compile a list of what players can do to preserve sharpness in their games. Have a look!

1. Chat and study poker with your poker mates

You can better evaluate the game with your poker buddies to keep your poker talents sharper as it was before this pandemic. And to keep your brain juice flowing, you may read poker forums and articles/blogs about poker.

You may also ask the opinion of your friends in creating poker strategies and debate just about anything related to poker.

2. Read a book about poker

Meanwhile, poker books can still be a valuable tool for improving poker skills. They are sold at incredibly low prices.

Also, there are more modern options for well-trained players.

These are the poker books you may want to read: Super System, Mastering Mixed Games by Dylan Linde and the books authored by Chris Moorman.

There is no better time to study classical texts but now. Any of the ideas you didn’t internalize might be a little easier as you got plenty of time to reread books.

3. Poker Videos on YouTube

Perhaps the most common form of poker training in the past 15 years or more, poker training videos can help players improve their craft. YouTube has lots of free poker video tutorials.

Free hand insights are available on YouTube channels of Fried “mynameiskarl” Meulders.

There is also the YouTube channel of Galfond Chall, a great learning experience for many PLO or Pot Limit Omaha players.

4. Finding a Solver

Solvers have been a buzzword in the poker world and are the cutting edge solutions in poker. They are computer software programs, with a set of inputs that outline poker situations that can invest maximum range strategies.

The PIOsolver is probably the most popular, but there are many other options available, including MonkerSolver aimed at PLO players.

Using solvers might frighten other poker players while some might get confused about their interfaces.

The time has never been better for users to learn the solvers and take advantage of its usefulness. You can also use a solver to get through a lot of online tools.

5. Learning New Variety of Poker Games

There are still many poker players who don’t know how to play other games besides no-limit hold’em.

Quarantine provides a perfect opportunity to add another game to your portfolio, and in the years to come, you will benefit from this interest.

Even just by learning the basics would provide you with an advantage for future poker competitions.

There are various videos, books, and tables, so search for them and sharpen your poker skills.