Poker’s one of the world’s greatest games. The mixture of skill and chance, the analytical dimension and the prospect of making money tends to make it more interesting.

But to get money, you have to know how to play poker.

The most popular of all poker games is undoubtedly Texas Hold’ém. Texas Hold’em poker is a perfect way to get going if you’re new to the poker game.

It consists of two cards, the hole cards; a set of three (the flop) as well as a single card (the turn) and another card (the river). The players have the freedom to check, bet, fold or raise after every deal.

To be a major player of Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, you have to figure out if your opponents are bluffing or have a strong hand. But it will still take a long way. Know some basic techniques and guidelines to win this game.

Things to Remember

1. The two cards you have are the only cards that separate you from your opponents and give you a chance to win over them.

2. These face-up cards are community cards that you and the other players share. It’s important to think about what these cards may mean to all your opponents and how you’ll focus on it.

Evaluate your Cards

The first move you make in a hand while playing Texas Hold ’em poker is based on your interpretation of your two cards.

Be vigilant not to expose anything with your expression whenever you look at your cards. A deep breath will show a smart adversary everything he needs to know. No matter what your cards are, show no emotion.

Good Cards

A standard rule, if you have two non-pair cards, each fewer than 10, you should strongly consider folding before the flop.

A cautious player will fold even when only one card is under 10, but a more daring player may stay with an 8 and 9 of that same suit. These certain cards may allow you a good chance of either a straight or a flush.

When the big blind is low, paying could be worth trying so you can see the flop, even though you don’t have strong cards on your hand.

However, don’t misuse this exception as you can be in trouble quicker than you might expect.

The cards in your hand are the basis of many Texas Hold ‘ Em technique. You should be prepared to struggle against frustration with a variety of bad hands (i.e. 5-8, 2-6, 4-9). The lucky hands will eventually come, and you will be able to use them for your advantage.


Don’t be afraid to minimize your losses after the flop. One common error committed by novices is this assumption, “I’m in this hand already, so I might play it as well.”

Two or more pairs are typically the winning hand with seven players at the table. When you have no high pair after the flop, but the position is not good, you should probably get out of the hand.

As the number of players decreases, the probability of a strong hand decreases too. So if you are at a table with just two other players, it may be best to be aggressive.

Need not be afraid to check if you are first to bet after the flop. This can work in two ways for your benefit.

If you got a weak hand, you may see more cards without putting more in the pot. However, if you hold a strong hand, you can persuade one or two of your opponents that it is weak.

The Turn and The River

Two more chances will be offered for you with the fourth and fifth community cards to leave the pot before you lose any more money or raise your earnings.

By this same point, only one or two other players will probably still be in the pot. Caution is the best suggestion here.

Do not stay in the pot in the hopes for a straight or flush after the fourth card unless you are willing to make a check, without adding more chips. Don’t let a weak hand pull you down too deep.