Perhaps you’re a professional poker player, or you’re just only in for the fun, in the end, it doesn’t matter. You would like to learn that online poker is safe.

A safe and reliable platform that will not cheat is one of the first criteria online poker fans seek.

The legal online poker platforms which have been evaluated by third parties are, therefore, NOT compromised.

Tell-Tale Signs that Make the Players Assumed that Online Poker is Rigged

  • Bad Beats
  • Bad hands that lead to big pots
  • Large bankrolls resulting in big wins even with weak hands

You may assume that online poker sites are compromised if you experience any of these. However, it doesn’t. Either you have a very rough game or you just don’t perform well.

Some players claim that bots exist when playing online. And these bots seem to win any hand. That player may have been fortunate to win.

As assured by many online poker sites, there are no bots when playing online.

Refuting the Myth

The misconception that online poker is rigged and the probability and plausibility of players’ fears are important to discuss.

Eventually, this concern will begin us to see the truth behind online poker. Many players may assume that the house cheats after such losses.

Thanks to laws in effect, every legitimate online poker site or online casino are virtually impossible to cheat.

Although there have been cases where some employees have hacked through the system and gained money illegally, it is also significant to note that those erring employees were punished heavily and victims were highly compensated.

A further effort has been given since then to ensure that the illegal activity of this nature is regulated.

Online poker players need to know that online poker platforms will not profit from cheating. It will be technically a suicide to intentionally violate the rules. There are just too many system regulations.

Choosing highly credible online poker sites and preferring those with a high degree of action is critical. These are positive indicators of high-quality transactions.

The value of an online poker site is so expensive that it is not in their best interest to scam their clients and to risk exposure for such a fiasco. The fact is that in this new era of online poker, rules, and legislation have been strictly in effect and that the punishment for casinos is far heavier than a slap on the wrist.


It is also worth testing who licenses a domain. Organizations such as the UK Gambling Commission have begun to take a more challenging stance as to who will be operating in the UK’s online poker industry.

Yet they also sell various license types with lower rates that do not allow the company’s failure.

Over the past two decades, several websites have been busted. Some of these websites just vanished without a chance for customers to ever recover their money.

This may derail the dreams of aspiring poker professionals and may discourage other people to engage in online poker.

The core issue is that players should take precautions before spending their hard-earned cash to play online poker.

It does not require much time to figure out if something seems a little wrong.