Short Deck Poker- Six Plus Hold’em

We are introducing a modern poker style that includes fewer cards, the latest hand ranking plus more gameplay than Texas Hold’em.

Six Plus Hold’em is a community poker card game founded from Texas hold’em, also known as Short Deck Poker.

Although most of the rules are similar, there are three key variations.

In 6 + Hold’em, cards are omitted from deuces through fives to bringing the complete deck to just 36 cards, rather than the normal 52 cards.

The other distinction, since fewer cards are on deck, the ranking of the hand changes: a flush beats a full house, and a three-of-a-kind set is also ranked higher than a straight.
Besides, the Aces can be played as high and low, which can be used as a five to make a low-end straight A6789 or over a king to make an AKQJ10 straight.

Six Plus Hold’em is frequently played in Macau’s high stakes casinos, but many online poker websites are already offering this game.

Six Plus Hold’em Rules

It’s called Six Plus Poker because the lowest deck card is six. This poker game can be played by 2-10 players, but normally 6 players.

Now since the low cards are eliminated, you, as well as your rivals, will be more likely to get premium hands.

In Six Plus Hold’em, the probability of obtaining Aces is almost twice that of standard Hold’em. Hands and other pocket sets and premium hands such as AK are dealt more frequently.

The key hands you want to play are premium pocket pairs and the ones that make sets, flushes, or full houses.

Another real advantage of Six Plus Hold’em is that it would be more vital to use common sense than using some poker automated tools. You have a shot to be at the top of the field in the Six Plus Hold’em.

Currently, no third-party apps and software would operate for Six Plus Hold’em as players just need to regain their common sense.

Strategic Tips for Beginners

#1 Straights are common

Straights are in a low rank than Trips because Straights are easier to make. Perhaps, the reason straight is simpler to make is that only fewer cards are in the deck, thus increases the likelihood of a Straight.

In Six Plus Hold’em, the chance of finding an open-ended straight by the river is around 48%. This is 16% higher than in Texas Hold’em.

But then again, you should keep in mind that if you’re playing in an online poker site where Sets beat Straights, you’re basically on the losing end, especially when the opposing player has a Set or Trips.

If there are more poker players in the hand, folding the Straight is not a poor strategy, as there is a good likelihood that one of your opponents might have hit the Set. So Straights have to be played cautiously.

#2 Play pocket pairs more aggressively

Only because the Set is stronger than the Straight in this poker version, you must, therefore, play pocket pairs more aggressively but never be scared to call 3-bets for any pocket pair.

The odds of hitting a Set when a flop has been dealt is 18% as opposed to 12% in the standard Hold’em.

Anyway when you hit a Set, focus on increasing your gain by overbetting, as your opponent wouldn’t know that you hit a Set.

The most you can do is to focus on the paired boards, which can offer your opponent a chance for higher Full House or Quads, and suited boards, that can also give your opponent a Flush.

You should also bear in mind that your opponent has a high chance of hitting Sets too, so actively avoid Set over Set.

#3 Flushes are harder to hit

You will probably realize that flushes often are ranked high in Short-Deck Hold’em. Not only because they outplay full houses, but, you are less susceptible to a bigger flush.

Since there are far fewer flush cards, your opponent’s chances of gaining a bigger flush than you are significantly lower.

This mostly means, as the value of several mid-to-premium hands falls, the suited cards are somewhat valuable as well as a brilliant way to snatch massive pots.

#4 Do not miss the new hand ranking

If a flush is doable, your full house could be beaten! Almost always, try to play more attentively with a Straight because Sets are now more likely to beat your Straight.

On the other hand, since you’re the one trying to hit the Set, you could certainly bet it for value.

#5 Don’t overplay top pair

Even though we advocated to play aggressively the big pairs pre-flop, in Six Plus Hold’em, the top pair or an overpair with the top kicker don’t have the same value as in the standard Hold’em.

When you’re right over the top on the Flop, your opponent will likely be able to strengthen his hand by the River.

It is usually a good idea not to overplay a pair of hands after the flop. Playing all-in on the Flop with such a pocket pair must be avoided.